16Apr Appointment of ACP Administrative Secretary

Mr. Liamy Mac Nally – ACP Administrative Secretary

At a meeting of the ACP’s Leadership Team on April 13th 2016, Mr. Liamy Mac Nally was appointed to the position of Administrative Secretary of the Association of Catholic Priests.

For some time the leadership team felt the need to have a administrative secretary to support their efforts to bring a better service to the members of the ACP.  A proposal was submitted to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in 2015 which was unanimously passed.  The leadership team then began to advertise for this position.  After a number of interviews Liamy Mac Nally was chosen as Administrative Secretary for a period of one year.

Liamy lives in Westport, County Mayo.  During his career he has worked as a journalist and as a priest in the Archdiocese of Tuam from 1978 to 1987.

We wish Liamy success in his new job.  He will be involved in supporting the leadership team, especially to build up our membership and improve communications within the ACP itself.

We  believe that this is a new stage in the evolution of the ACP itself.

5 Responses

  1. John D. Kirwin

    Good move, and congrats to Liamy.

  2. Brendan Cafferty

    He will do a good job and its a bold step.I think ACP speaks for most priests,whether members of ACP or not,and indeed for most catholics.

  3. Richard O'Donnell

    Excellent. Well done to all involved in this appointment.

  4. Brendan Hoban SSC

    Congrats to all on the appointment of Liamy. Marking a growth stage in the life of ACP, he is a good man to help moving on. Also want to say thank you to leadership and team that have done so much to get us this far.

  5. Ciaran Blake

    Fáilte Liamy and congrats. A great appointment. well done to all involved.
    Ciaran Blake