18Apr The Joy of Love – downloadable and printable

The Vatican PDF version  of ‘Amores Laetitia’ has 264 pages, and over 57,000 words, arranged on small pages with large margins.

It’s a lot of printing on a lot of paper. (Hardly in keeping with the spirit of ‘Laudato Si’.)

Pádraig McCarthy has  re-formatted ‘The Joy of Love’ on 71 A4 pages in two columns.

A PDF file is downloadable here. Amoris-Laetitia A4

It can then be printed and put in a commercially available document folder or ring-binder.


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  1. Kathleen Faley

    I have downloaded the PDF file of Amoris-Laetitia in A4 for reading and studying. It can be printed on 35 Double sided sheets of print paper if the double sided box is clicked into before starting to print. It is the more eco-friendly option in keeping with Pope Francis’ Laudato Si document on the environment. Thanks for making it so accessible.