10May Curial reform must include reform of CDF processes

America magazine and the National Catholic Reporter remind CDF and Vatican officials that the issue of the injustice of CDF procedures isn’t just going to disappear because they choose to ignore it.

Neither will the issue be disappeared by Vatican officials practising a basic lack of courtesy and good manners in refusing to read or acknowledge a letter sent to them about such a grave issue.
Did they learn nothing of the damage done to individuals and to church in the recent past by their ignoring issues of justice and people’s rights?

10May ACP meeting with bishops next week

ACP meeting with bishops next week

10May 10 May. Tuesday, Week 7 of Easter

1st Reading: Acts 20:17-27

Paul’s testament to church leaders, on his way to Jerusalem

From Miletus Paul sent a message to Ephesus, asking the elders of the church to meet him. When they came to him, he said to them: … Read the rest