14Jun Understanding Francis

In seeking to explain Pope Francis, Antonio Spadaro S.J. in Cyber Theology points to 5 traits of the ministry of Francis.
'Francis is a pope who is living his ministry as a ministry of discernment, of ”incomplete thought”…'

14Jun What do we need? Catholic Intellectuals or Cheer Leaders

Brendan Hoban, writing in the Western People, welcomes Archbishop Diarmaid Martin's recent comments about the lack of 'people of intellect who can address the pressing issues of the day' in the church in Ireland and the need for ‘competent lay men and women well educated in their faith’.
Archbishop Martin's comments, read in conjunction with Siobhán Larkin's research http://www.associationofcatholicpriests.ie/2016/06/nurturing-the-roots/ ,
point to a definite need in church and is a call for urgent action to address this issue.

14Jun Visible and Valuable

Thanks to Paddy Ferry for bringing this video by Fr. Jim Martin SJ to our attention.
Fr. Martin is commenting on the attitudes we have towards the lgbt community in the context of the murders at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando.

14Jun 14 June. Tuesday, Week 11

1st Reading: 1 Kings 21:17-29

King Ahab will pay for the murder of Naboth; but Elijah offers hope of repentance

Then the word of the Lord came to Elijah the Tishbite, saying: Go down to meet King Ahab of Israel, …

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