05Aug Addressing Maynooth

Brendan Hoban like many priests spent a good part of today, Friday, visiting the elderly and sick in his parish and found there's a lot of upset out there among people about the allegations that have been made against Maynooth Seminary.
Many priests will be considering if they should address this issue at weekend Masses. Brendan offers some thoughts that might provide a bit of clarity on the background as so many are confused; it might encourage priests to address it.

Comments on this topic should be posted at "Maynooth Seminary Crisis: ACP Statement"

05Aug Reflections at a Funeral

Gabriel Daly attended the funeral of Seán Fagan and has now penned some thoughts on Seán's funeral and 'the suffering and injustice inflicted on him by the leaders of his own church.'
'The presence of a bishop at Seán’s funeral would have been a golden occasion to express metanoia and the readiness to respond more sensitively to the the message of the Gospel. It would have meant so much to his family.'
'It cannot be said too often that peace, unity and friendship in the church do not depend on agreement about matters that do not belong to the essence of the faith. What the Gospel prescribes is willingness to live together in peace, friendship and respect for ideas and attitudes that one cannot share, and finally, if possible, even to be open to the desirability of reform. .......
Pope Francis is leading with words of mercy and healing. Why are we not following?'

Gabriel Daly is author of 'The Church always in need of Reform', Dominican Publications, www.dominicanpublications.com

05Aug 05 August. Friday, Week 18

Dedication of the basilica of Saint Mary Major, optional memorial

1st Reading: Nahum 2:1, 3; 3:1-3, 6-7

The collapse of oppressive Assyria is celebrated by a joyful, gifted and optimistic prophet

A shatterer has come up against you. Guard the … Read the rest

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