16Aug Prising open the door – women deacons

Brendan Hoban, writing in the Western People, feels that many have missed the true historic significance of the commission, established by Pope Francis, to examine the issue of the ordination of women as deacons .
"Leaving aside the ordination issue it has been obvious for years that women could have been involved at a much higher level in church affairs but that they were systematically excluded by an unapologetic sexist mentality in the Vatican."

"The cat is out of the bag. By establishing the commission and outlining its remit, Francis has effectively opened up the issue of women’s ordination for discussion, even though a few short years ago his two predecessors tried ‘definitively’ to close that discussion down. A few short years ago we weren’t even allowed to think about women’s ordination. Now the Catholic Church is officially considering the ordination of women deacons.
August 2, 2016 may well be remembered as a crucial day in the history of Catholicism."

16Aug Ecology, Economics, and Ethics

In response to Seán McDonagh's call for more discussion in church about issues that matter and are relevant to the lives of all people rather than silly season tabloid fodder Joe O Leary replied with a long response that includes an article by Stefano Zamagni, on “Ecology, Economics, and Ethics”.
We carry it as a stand alone post rather than a reply as it is well worth reading. Our thanks to Joe.

16Aug 16 August. Tuesday, Week 20

Saint Stephen of Hungary, optional memorial

1st Reading: Ezekiel 28:1-10

God warns the wealthy seaport metropolis of Tyre to beware of pride

The word of the Lord came to me: Mortal, say to the prince of Tyre, Thus says the …

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