19Aug Report on a recent meeting of the Leadership of the ACP

Report on a recent meeting of the Leadership of the ACP.

A meeting of the leadership of the ACP took place in the Hodson Bay Hotel, Athlone on Wednesday, 17 August, 2016.

Among the items discussed were:

(1)   AGM, 2016

The date for the AGM has been finalised:

Wednesday, 16 November from 2.00 to 5.00pm in the Hodson Bay, Hotel, Athlone.

It will follow the usual format: a first session on a specific issue, with a guest speaker and participation from the floor followed by a business meeting.

(2)   Press releases

Agreed statements / press releases on (i) seminary training  and (ii) the election of bishops have been published on the ACP website .

(3)  Leadership of the ACP.

As a number of the Leadership will not serve after the coming AGM, there was a discussion on the need for new candidates.

(4)     Other issues

  • Our new Administrative Secretary, Liamy McNally will take up his position on 01 September.
  • A letter has been sent to the bishops asking for a response to issues raised in our meeting in May with the Bishops’ Commission for the Clergy.
    This meeting was held in response to our request after the 2015 for a discussion on specific topics, most of them arising from last year’s AGM.
  • A meeting of the Advisory Board will take place in Hodson Bay Hotel, Athlone on 14 September at 2.00pm. Among the items to be discussed:

(a) Upcoming AGM – topic and structure

(b) Leadership of the ACP

(c) Press statements

(d) International networking








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  1. Brendan Cafferty

    I would hope that much of the current leadership of ACP will stay on.They have been very good,maybe there are others to replace them but they will have a hard act to follow.

    The arrival of the association came at a very hard time for ACP and it took courage and perseverance to continue. It has borne fruit despite opposition at official level, but with the arrival of Pope Francis it shows itself to be in tune with a new reality

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