09Nov Nuncios differ …….. Vatican slaps down anti-gay movement led by Mexican bishops

EL PAÍS, the Spanish newspaper, carries an interesting article about an intervention by the Papal Nuncio to Mexico in that country's debate about plans to enshrine same-sex marriage in the Constitution.

09Nov How many priests do we need?

In response to the advertised discussion topic of " Are We Killing Our Priests?" at our upcoming AGM Prof. Thomas O'Loughlin, President of the Catholic Theological Association of Great Britain and Professor of Historical Theology at the University of Nottingham draws our attention to an article he has published about the number of priests that are required in church.
He raises some points well worth considering and his conclusions are challenging;"it is obvious that there has been a serious crisis of under-ordination not just since the mid-twentieth century but since the mid-sixteenth century when as an effect of the Reformation debates the full-time, professionalized, seminary-educated cleric became the norm. Bringing the number of clerics up to quota would initially be a great shock to the churches: the education system of clerics would have to be altered radically, the expectation that this particular ministry would be funded by others Christians (who, incidentally, are expected to offer their ministry to the church usually without payment) would have to be swept aside, along with discriminatory canonical restrictions on who can be appointed presbyter within a given community."

09Nov 09 November. Dedication of the Lateran Basilica

This feast of the mother-church of Latin Christendom invites us to appreciate what the church is really for, in our lives. “You are God’s building” – the real sanctuary of God is in the hearts of his people

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