23Dec We are Church – Curia Reform

We are Church Ireland welcomes and supports Pope Francis’s call for reform of the Vatican Curia; for it to be slimmed down especially when it comes to ‘offices that are no longer responsive to contingent needs’ .

Based on this criteria We are Church Ireland is  calling for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to be radically restructured as a rights based organisation, thus ensuring it can be responsive to the needs of the contemporary Church.

In his address he named  the resistances to his agenda for reform  that  ‘come  from a sense of goodwill or fear or  are  are based on malevolent intentions dressed like a wolf in sheep’s clothing ‘.

In spite of this resistance to reform  we call upon Pope Francis to assert his Pontifical authority to bring forward the  reforms that are necessary for the Church to fulfil its mission in the contemporary world with the full involvement of lay people especially women.

Brendan Butler, spokesperson

Happy Christmas to all

One Response

  1. DR. HENRY

    Let’s be just a bit more truthful, Your Holiness. We would love things to be peaceful, holy, and convivial in the church, rather than self serving power conciousness that is endemic to many of the Vatican staff and who are hurting millions of people worldwide. The negative assertion: “malevolent intentions dressed like a wolf in sheep’s clothing” hits the nail on the head. This is producing great unhappiness in our beloved Catholic Church worldwide. These men, who are holding on desperately to power, need to be put in parishes that serve the poor. How many in the Vatican are Christlike? When we have Christlike cardinals, bishops, priests we will change the world forever….on behalf of Christ. Blessings and love to all as we face into a very difficult year for the future of the world.

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