10Feb Fundamental Rights in the Church

Tony Flannery reports on the work of a group, which formed following the Network of Reform Groups conference in Chicago last October, that is tasked to produce a Charter of Fundamental Rights for all members of the Church.

10Feb Grace? Sacrament? Love? God?

Sean O'Conaill reflects on the question of Grace in response to a recent article by Seamus Ahearne.

"In spite of that mistaken 1950s 'take' on grace as an antidote to sexuality, at no time in my over seven decades did I ever completely lose hope of encountering a God who was gracious in the sense of freely and constantly loving."

10Feb 10 Feb, 2017. Friday, Week 5

Saint Scholastica, virgin

1st Reading: Genesis 3:1-8

The woman and man eat the forbidden fruit, then try to hide from God in the garden

Now the serpent was more crafty than any other wild animal that the Lord God had … Read the rest