15Mar An intimate act of love

Chris McDonnell shares some thoughts on how we could use the 'washing of the feet'.
"It is also a liturgy that can be shared without raising contentious issues in an ecumenical setting. There need be no divisions in this mutual giving, no barriers of race, age or social status. It fundamentally cuts through these restrictions and offers an example of Christian love in a simple yet powerful manner."

"An intimate act of love" was first published in the Catholic Times on 10 March 2017

15Mar 15 March, 2017. Wednesday, Week 2 of Lent

1st Reading: Jeremiah 18:18-20

In desperate need, Jeremiah pins his hope on God

“Come, let us decide what to do with Jeremiah,” people say. “There will still be priests to guide us, still wise men to advise us, still prophets …

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