10May Leap of Faith, RTE Radio 1, Roy Donovan

Roy Donovan, a member of the ACP leadership team,  will participate in the RTE Radio 1 Leap of Faith programme this Friday, 12 May, at 10.00pm.
The discussion is a follow-up from the ACP Website coverage and Irish Examiner article re Regional Meetings on the Wellbeing of Priests.
It will cover priests’ stress, anxiety, isolation and the effect on priests of the ongoing assault on the Church.

One Response

  1. Francis

    Great piece on this evening’s RTE Leap of Faith. The psychologist that spoke was one of the finest that I have ever heard speak. Possibly he might speak/write more about the issues that he spoke about. I felt connected to him when he spoke about the isolation that priests feel.
    I feel sad that this issue is rarely raised by bishops/superiors. Possibly as a culture/church we might feel surprised to become aware that some priests have mental health issues. One of the most powerful sermons I ever heard preached was when the priest acknowledged that he suffered from depression.
    As clergy maybe we could reach out to fellow priests who we know who are struggling? I feel encouraged by the healing circles that the ACPI will organize later in the year.

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