20Jun Cometh the hour, cometh the bishops

Brendan Hoban writing in his column for the Western People says that because 'the history of the Church is about swings and roundabouts, tides ebbing and flowing .... bishops often find themselves out of sync with the pope of the day, and beached like great whales, because the tide that brought them in has gone out again.'

20Jun Pope honors ‘rebel’ priests censured for commitment to poor

The Miami Herald reports that Pope Francis made a pilgrimage to northern Italy on Tuesday to honour two 20th-century parish priests whose commitment to the poor and powerless brought them censure from the Vatican. Francis "delivered a lengthy tribute to the priest, quoting Mazzolari's writings about the need for the church to accompany its flock that Francis himself could have penned."
The account from Vatican Radio has a slightly different emphasis.
The censured of today are the heroes of tomorrow!

20Jun 20 June, 2017. Tuesday, Week 11

20 June, 2017. Tuesday, Week 11

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