01Jul Extending a Summer Welcome

Padraic McCarthy, on seeing that the Presider’s Page has greetings in various languages for visitors to our churches or celebrations, submitted a selection of greeting notices he has come across on his travels.

With some adaptations they might be useful to you.


  1. A Welcome Notice I saw in the Catholic church in Positano, Italy – four languages.
    Pádraig added the Scripture quotation in Irish – maybe you know someone who would do a version in Irish of the rest.
    PDF Version    Word Version
  2. Welcome Notice from Coventry Cathedral and in a variety of churches. English. Humorous and all-embracing.
    PDF Version    Word Version
  3. Welcome message in 8 languages.    PDF Version    Word Version
  4. “Fáilte” in 50 languages.    PDF Version

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