08Oct Conference: Irish Catholicism on Trial. Oct 6 & 7

Phil Greene, an occasional commentator on this site, attended the conference, and has sent us these notes to give some idea of what went on. Like Phil, I too found it a most enjoyable and stimulating two days. (Tony F.)… Read the rest

08Oct Don’t let life get you down

Seamus Ahearne reflects on life and death, and threats of death, amid all the other day to day happenings in a busy life.
"The brush strokes of nature are also hints and whispers of life. They scatter the colours carelessly. They ask us to notice them and not to forget them. But maybe like nature and autumn, we need to throw around the unruly and incomplete brush strokes in our ministry. The unfinished days; the little celebrations; the Godliness of daily life; the laugher among us; the colours that we cannot take for granted. Possibly nature is talking to us. We too can be so serious (so immersed in the quicksand of problems). What are we doing to God’s world? Is that love song wasted on us?"

08Oct Presider’s Page for 8 October (Ordinary Time 27)

Songs at Mass (Suggestions)
‘Praise to the Holiest’; ‘Eat This Bread’; ‘Holy God We Praise Thy Name’; ‘Make me a Channel of your Peace’.

Opening Comment
There are reassuring sentiments for us in God’s Word, with Paul reminding … Read the rest

08Oct 08 October. 27th Sunday in OT

The church is like a Vineyard, planted to produce fruit. We can grow to our full potential in the sunshine of God’s grace. But the vineyard can fall into disuse, or fail to produce  fruits of loving mercy. We pray Read the rest