01Nov Celebrating the Reformation Centenary – a homily

Gabriel Daly in this homily 'celebrating'. not 'marking', the centenary of the Reformation tells us that 'We have a divided church as a result of the Reformation, but great progress is being made in ecumenical dialogue to bring us together again. There have to be changes if unity is to come. We have much to learn from each other.'

01Nov Presider’s Page for 1 November 2017 (All Saints Day)

Today and tomorrow we remember all the dead, those in heaven and those still be on the way there: God alone knows where each soul is. Today’s feast celebrates the saints in heaven, holy men and women of every time and place: we hope some of our people are among them.

01Nov Vatican II; the ‘sure compass’ of Pope Francis

Richard R. Gaillardetz writing in the National Catholic Reporter maintains that Pope Francis' correcting Cardinal Sarah's misrepresentation of 'Magnum Principium' is but "another concrete confirmation of the pope's single-minded intention to realize the council's reformist agenda. He may be the first post-conciliar pope not to have played a role at Vatican II, but no pope has more comprehensively summoned forth the council's comprehensive call for reform and renewal."

01Nov November 2017 Mass Readings

Mass Readings for November

(as in the Liturgical Calendar for Ireland, 2017, ed. Patrick Jones)

01 November, All Saints Day

02 November. All the Faithful Departed

03 November. Friday, Week 30

04 November. Saturday, Week 30

05 November. 31st Read the rest

01Nov 01 November 2017. All Saints Day

1st Reading: Revelation 7:2-4, 9-14

Vast numbers were sealed with the sign of the Living God

I saw another angel ascending from the rising of the sun, having the seal of the living God, and he called with a loud … Read the rest