16Nov The Church in Dublin: where will it be in ten years?

Dublin Diocese's website has published the speaking notes of Archbishop Diarmaid Martin's talk at the Patrick Finn Lecture Series given at Saint Mary’s Haddington Road, 16th November 2017.
Archbishop Martin made some very interesting points:
" ..... will involve new forms of priestly presence within faith communities in the changing future of Ireland."
"How do we reach out in a new way to people where they are and create a desire among them to deepen their understanding of Christian message?"
"What are the factors that alienate people from the Church structures of today?  Probably the most significant negative factor that influences attitudes to the Church in today’s Ireland is the place of women in the Church.  Next would be the ongoing effect of the scandals of child sexual abuse."
"A survey of young people’s attitude to parish was carried out in the Dublin diocese .... The report was one of the most disappointing documents that I read since becoming Archbishop.  Young people felt unwelcome in parishes."
"But the fate of the Christian is more likely to be that of marginalization rather than martyrdom."
"Why am I still optimistic?  Irish society is still permeated with elements of faith.  Residual faith, however, is probably more fragile in an indifferent world than in a world of hostility.   There are deeper elements of goodness and idealism and generosity among young people but despite years of Catholic education, they do not seem to have been truly touched by the knowledge of the person of Jesus Christ."

16Nov 16 Nov 2017. Thursday, Week 32

16 Nov 2017. Thursday, Week 32