29Nov Annual LGBT Christmas Carol Service

Carol Service Flyer 2017

5 Responses

  1. Angela Hanley

    I attended this event last year and it was a beautiful and moving service. Ursula Halligan’s address was powerful and made a deep impression.

    The flyer in the posting here is not accessible as a link or attachment, but I know that Michael Murphy, former broadcaster with RTE and now a psychotherapist, will be giving the address this year.

  2. Frank

    Every success for this wonderful event.
    I would love to see a LGBT Advent celebration taking place within a Catholic Church. A sign of welcome and inclusion it would be for everyone.

  3. Jim

    I don’t understand why an Advent service should be billed as for people of a certain sexual orientation, surely this is only a subtle form of discrimination?

  4. Stacey

    I wonder could it just possibly be that some people are not comfortable, and don’t feel welcome, in a church that regards them as in some way “disordered” and would prefer go and worship where they are welcomed?

  5. Jim


    I understand your point and it has validity. It’s just that I think that activities or indeed groups that are aimed at people of a certain sexual orientation to some extent can be seen as justifying the idea that they are in some way ‘different from us’, and that this is a dangerous road to go down. I suppose for me a classic example of this is the ‘Gay Games’ . What on earth has sporting ability to do with sexual orientation? Surely athletics contests should be blind to it? Sorry if this is a tangent!

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