23Feb When Compassion is seen as Sin – The Stalking of Fr. James Martin sj

Brendan Hoban in the Western People outlines the campaign being waged against Fr. James Martin. "What’s clear is that Fr. Martin is no heretic. He’s in good standing with his Church, supported by his Jesuit colleagues and respected in his ministry. He’s not rejecting church teaching. He’s doing what Pope Francis himself has done, creating a space in the Catholic Church for LGBT people and creating greater awareness of the need to respect them".
"The truth is that, in America, the presence of homophobic groups who place themselves under the umbrella of ‘Catholic’, are spewing unimagined levels of vitriol on anyone whom they believe is compromising what they see as ‘Catholic teaching’. It is a sinister and corrosive development that runs counter to the gospel, to the mercy Pope Francis consistently underlines and even to minimal standards of civility and respect."

23Feb 23 February. Friday of Week 1 of Lent

Friday of Week 1 of Lent

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