06Mar “Who made the changes to the World Meeting of Families promotional material?”

Statement from the ACP asking for clarification about the removal of Bishop O’Connell's (Archdiocese of Los Angeles) words from the promotional video clip for WMOF, following the earlier removal of photographs from a leaflet,.

06Mar Handle with reverence

Thomas O'Loughlin takes issue with Cardinal Sarah following his most recent statement on the Eucharist.
"I suspect many Christians have been taken aback by Cardinal Sarah’s judgment that communion in the hand is the most recent engagement between the good angels, and Lucifer and his demons".
Our thanks to Brendan Walsh editor of The Tablet for permission to publish this article which first appeared in The Tablet, 23 February.

06Mar 06 March: Tue. of Week 3 of Lent

Tuesday Week 3 of Lent