07Mar We Are Church – “open all ministries to women”

WAC members call to Bishops to open all ministries to women


We Are Church Ireland is being represented at the “Voices of Faith” conference in Rome on March 8th by Ursula Halligan at which Mary McAleese will be the keynote speaker.

The theme of the meeting is “Why Women Matter” and the international conference coincides with International Women’s Day.

On March 8 We Are Church Ireland is urging all its members to contact their local Bishops demanding, as a matter of justice, that all ministries in the Catholic Church be finally opened to women.

“The continued exclusion of women from all ministries including the priesthood and from executive functions in the Catholic Church is an injustice that must be ended. How can our Church continue to proclaim global justice for the marginalised when it accepts an injustice within the Church that marginalises half of its own members” stated Brendan Butler.  

One Response

  1. Lloyd Allan MacPherson

    Women are certainly not excluded in the environmental work/reform the Church is going through. Women are well represented and to say that they out participate men 10 to 1 in necessary volunteerism is conservative. I’m sure that statistic exists. I just have to look at the Global Catholic Climate Movement’s animators program to see the results of their concern. Women have spoken everywhere and their voices can’t be stifled. On my island, they’ve assembled their own non-partisan groups to effectuate change – Cape Breton Voices is one of them. It is led by women and with the reform needed in democracy currently, these women will help the transition to better times happen.


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