26Apr Book Launch: Whistle-Blower.

BOOK LAUNCH: Whistle-Blower.

This recently published book by Pádraig McCarthy offers perspectives on the debate on the Eighth Amendment which receive little or no attention.

It addresses the issues not from a faith perspective, but from fact and rational argument, so as to address the widest audience.

There will be an official Book Launch  on Tuesday, 01 May, 3.30 – 4.30pm. in the Glass Room Suites at the Mansion House, Dawson Street, Dublin 2 (entry via Fire Restaurant).

Breda O’Brien, Irish Times columnist, will do the honours.

The book is available for €5 in Veritas and other bookstores, and will be available at the launch.

It is also available from the publisher, Lettertec (https://www.lettertecbooks.com/shop/)

and from Éist (eist@eircom.net; 087 278 9390).

There’s an ad for it in the Irish Independent (p.15) today, 26 april 2018, and a smaller one in the Irish Times (p.9). Copies attached.

The larger one has a list of points for consideration on the Referendum debate.

Pádraig McCarthy states that he submitted the larger one to the Irish Times, but they refused to publish it; they would only accept the smaller panel about the book & launch.

He says that when he enquired why, they refused to give a reason and that when he asked what part of the ad they have a problem with, so he could edit it to be acceptable, and they refused to say.

“You are what you (don’t) read!” Pádraig maintains.


Irish Independent Ad.

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Irish Times Ad.

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  1. Cainneach O Bradaigh

    Thanks Padraigh for having the courage and commitment to write this book.