08Apr World Meeting of Families – ACI Event

World Meeting of Families [WMOF] 2018
To: ACI Members and Supporters.

You are all, no doubt, aware of the plans for the WMOF in Dublin in August 2018, which will most likely include a visit by Pope Francis.

The WMOF, held every three years, is a major international event that brings together families from across the world – to celebrate, pray, and reflect upon the central importance of the family as the cornerstone of our lives, of society and of the Church.

This event coincides with a most serious generational divide in the Irish Church, as younger people increasingly walk away from the model of church their parents or grandparents grew up with. The WMOF is a prime opportunity to examine the realities of family life in Ireland to-day, particularly for those who feel abandoned by or alienated from the Church because of their circumstances.

The ACI strongly supports Pope Francis in his desire to make the WMOF an inclusive occasion, open to all. Everyone who supports this approach will be concerned by recent interventions by some conservative elements in the church who appear ready to obstruct the inclusive and compassionate approach being advocated by Pope Francis. We must act to ensure that those in our church and our society who feel marginalised and unwanted have a forum where they can articulate their particular concerns and describe the realities of life for their families in Ireland today.  A forum where they can speak freely, knowing that they will be heard with compassion and where their views will be respected.

To this end the ACI are planning a pre-WMOF public event for Saturday,
14 April 2018 at the Hilton Hotel, Charlemont Place, Dublin 2. 

We have invited speakers who will represent family groups of all backgrounds and circumstances – those separated and divorced, disenfranchised youth  and homeless families, victims of abuse and those marginalised or estranged by society and the church, including members of the LGBT community.

The speakers will focus on:

  • What they see as the problems facing families today from the perspective of the marginalised group they represent;
  • The role of faith in addressing these problems;
  • What they would like to see brought forward for discussion/consideration at the WMOF.

Meeting Report
We have engaged a professional facilitator to manage the open discussions which will follow the individual speakers and to prepare a comprehensive report on the proceedings. A copy of this report will be submitted to the WMOF organising committee.

On behalf of the Steering Group we are appealing to members and friends of the ACI to support this event through your attendance on the day, if possible. We would also encourage you to publicise the event in your local parish and community. Full details will be available on www.acireland.ie

Organising and promoting this event involves significant expenditure so we are also appealing for financial support. If you cannot attend the event perhaps you would consider making a modest donation towards meeting the costs involved. Donations may be forwarded to the address below or made ‘online’ via www.acireland.ie  – please ‘click’ on the ‘Donate’ button on the lower right of the Homepage to make a contribution:

Address for donations by post:

Association of Catholics in Ireland,
C/O 41 Woodcliffe Village, Howth, Co Dublin.

If you have any comments or questions on this event or on any ACI related matter please contact the Steering Group via info@acireland.ie

Yours sincerely,

Anthony Neville
Chair – Steering Group
Association of Catholics in Ireland

One Response

  1. Noel McCann

    In response to Michael, (17/3/2018: https://www.associationofcatholicpriests.ie/2018/03/association-of-catholics-ireland-world-meeting-of-families/#comments)
    firstly apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

    The streaming option was investigated but unfortunately it is not a feasible proposition.

    The facilitators report on the proceedings will be available on the ACI website – http://www.acireland.ie – within a week or ten days of the event.