05May Shortcuts to Liturgy Resources provided

Those seeking Bidding Prayers or Homily resources for weekend masses should look under the LITURGY tab (top of page), or in the LITURGY section in the  sidebar to the right of this page….

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  1. Des Gilroy

    The Bidding Prayers have never been easy to find on this site, so any improvement to access is to be welcomed. Even tonight, I still cannot find them for this Sunday, Palm Sunday. Readers may be aware that Bidding Prayers or Prayer of the Faithful is available for each Sunday and Holyday on the Association of Catholics in Ireland website http://www.acireland.ie, generally just before noon on the previous Friday.

  2. Mattie Long

    Des Gilroy.
    Sorry that you find it difficult to find the resources you are looking for.
    All matters concerning the liturgy are to be found by clicking on the Liturgy tab at the top of the Home Page.

    This brings you to the Homily and Liturgy resources, by Bernard Cotter and Patrick Rogers, where you can choose from one of three options;

    Sunday Homily Resources Summary of the readings, some homily samples and the readings in full (NRSV). Prepared by Fr Patrick Rogers.

    Weekday Homily Resources Headings for the readings, with a reflection on them; plus the readings in full (NRSV). Prepared by Fr Patrick Rogers.

    Liturgy Preparation A one-page resource for the presider at Sunday Mass to print out and use (includes an introduction, penitential rite text, a one-sentence introduction to each reading, sample intercessions, liturgy suggestions and songs). Topical intercessions added close to the weekend. Prepared by Fr Bernard Cotter

    Great credit must be given to Pat Rogers and Bernard Cotter who so freely give of their time, efforts and talents to prepare the liturgy section of the web site for us.

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