01Jun Corpus Christi

The experience of Corpus Christi in Portugal, still celebrated on Thursday and a state holiday, gets Seamus Ahearne thinking; "The Feast is evocative. The past. The Procession. The dressed-up windows. The Monstrance. The Communion children. That big heavy cope. Relics of old decency. I wonder now what it all meant and means."
.... "The feast of Corpus Christi screams at us: Don’t be minimalist in what is celebrated at The Table of Life"

01Jun 01 June, 2018. Friday of Week 8

(St Justin, Martyr. Memorial)

1st Reading: 1 Peter (4:7-13)

Rejoice, for you are sharing Christ’s sufferings

The end of all things is near. Therefore be serious and discipline yourselves for the sake of your prayers. Above all, let your love …

01Jun Saints of the Month (June)

Saints in June

01 June

St Justin, Martyr

Born about 100 at Nablus (Palestine); died about 165 in Rome. After lengthy study of Greek philosophies, he acknowledged Christ as the source of all truth. A lay intellectual, Christian philosopher, and …

01Jun June 2018 Mass Readings

Readings for the month of June, 2018

As in: Liturgical Calendar for Ireland, 2018, (Veritas, Dublin)

01 June. Friday of Week 8, (Ord. Time)

02 June. Saturday of Week 8, (Ord. Time)

03 June. The Most Holy Body and

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