17Jun 37th Anniversary of Ordination

37th Anniversary of Ordination
(14 June 1981- 14 June 2018)
Michael A. Maginn,

Sleepily irritated
by the nurse’s cheery summons,

I celebrate with a call to the hospital
at 4.27am.

The morning is already fresh
with June light:

two magpies patrolling the lawn
in clerical livery.

BBC World Service
providing cold comfort:

sparse communion
with the growing dawn.

Deserted hospital road
and empty car-park,

for the lost years.

Family members
gathered around the bed,

and bleary-eyed.

Exchanging words
and shaking hands,

we greet
and pray.

And in that moment,
something makes sense,

as clear
as brightening day.

looking back,

they seem
like wasted years:

but today
is not one of these.


One Response

  1. James Mc Hugh

    Ad Multos Annos, Michael A.

    and maybe, just maybe, fewer nurse’s summons at 04.27 !

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