29Jul Invitation to supplement our homily notes

In principle, we try to upload on the website at the start of each month that month’s full quota of Mass Readings and Homily Ideas. For example, on Aug.1st, something for each day of next month will be posted. If you check August CALENDAR on our mainpage, it will have links to the uploaded posts for the remainder of that month. Any date on that calendar that is coloured YELLOW will have a posting for that date. (Conversely, if any date is still WHITE it shows that there is not yet had anything posted for that date.)

Using the calendar in advance allows any of our attentive readers to append a reflection of their own about the readings. This early “posting” can also allows for early correction of any glaring errors in any upcoming piece before it appears online on our mainpage. If you just  email your suggestions to me, I would grateful; and it can be a helpful service to our other readers.

Your creative additions to our Resources for August will be very welcome.

Fr Pat Rogers (patrogers43@gmail.com)


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