15Aug Results of the ACP Papal Visit Survey, 2018

ACP Papal Visit Survey 2018

15 August 2018


An ‘on the spot’ survey conducted by the Association of Catholic Priests (ACP), in the run-up to the visit of Pope Francis, has revealed huge support for a radical reform Read the rest

15Aug Presider’s Page for 15 August (Assumption of the BVM)

We worship God who brought Mary to the glory of heaven this day. We celebrate her Assumption, the tangible reminder that the resurrection of Jesus brings victory over death for all who believe.

15Aug Pope is bringing his revolution to Ireland: Brendan Hoban

Irish Times

Rite and Reason

August 14, 2018


Pope is bringing his revolution to Ireland

Brendan Hoban


Unlike Pope John Paul in 1979 who, with his training as an actor, took to the Irish stage with alacrity,Read the rest