30Aug A Pastor for his People – Raymond Hunthausen

Chris McDonnell  wrote recently in the Catholic Times,  August 24th  2018, about the the late Raymond Hunthausen, retired Archbishop of Seattle.
"At a time when a number of those to whom the Church has given responsibility of leadership  have fallen short of expectations, it is worth while pausing a moment and reflecting on the life of an outstanding man, who in spite of his being called to the Lord remains with us in example and deed. He was truly a man of the Beatitudes, who saw Christ in those about him and was himself Christ to those who were in need."

30Aug WMOF – Recordings of Talks

Éist Audio Productions, who have recorded some ACP events in the past, recorded the lectures  given at the World Meeting of Families in the RDS in Dublin.
They are available from Éist;  www.eist.ie

30Aug 30 August. Thursday, Week 21

1st Reading: 1 Corinthians (1:1-9)

Paul acknowledges the Corinthians’ gifts and prays for them

Paul, called by the will of God to be an apostle of Christ Jesus, and our brother Sos’thenes, To the church of God which is at … Read the rest