14Aug Press Release from the Association of Catholics, Ireland

PRESS RELEASE 15 August 2018
Association of Catholics in Ireland
ACI supports Marie Collins in her call to Pope Francis for commitment to action on abuse scandals.
The Association of Catholics in Ireland (ACI) strongly supports Marie Collins in her call to Pope Francis to admit the responsibility the Vatican and church leadership hold for allowing a catalogue of abuse to happen and for protecting the perpetrators when this became known. Marie rightly points out that saying sorry for what happened is no longer acceptable, the pope must take the opportunity of the World Meeting of Families to set out how he plans to deal with the abuses taking place around the world and to commit to action.
What better occasion to do so than the WMOF, an event attended by families from 116 countries, an appropriate place for him to speak on this crisis in the church which has had devastating effect on so many families.
What a better place than Ireland to do so, where we have had years of revelations about sexual abuse of children; mother and baby homes; orphanages; industrial schools; Magdalene laundries and the failure of religious organisations to co-operate with the different statutory
enquiries set up to investigate them.
What a better time to do so than now with ongoing revelations around the world about cardinals, archbishops and bishops who have been involved in abuse or in covering up such activities to protect the institution.
The ACI welcomes the visit of Pope Francis, supports his initiatives to bring about reform and renewal and recognises the hope he has engendered of a brighter future for the church.
The Association of Catholics in Ireland (ACI) is committed to the pursuit of a reform and renewal agenda in the Irish Catholic Church based in the spirit of Vatican II. It is committed to helping to re-build (through words and deeds) a united Church based on the teachings of Jesus Christ – a Church that is inclusive, compassionate, accepts the equality of all believers by virtue of their baptism and acknowledges its failures.
For further information contact: Anthony Neville at 086 8112715 or Noel McCann at 087 9274379.

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  1. Frances Burke

    Yes survivors do want ‘action not words’.


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