30Sep Presider’s Page for 30 September (Ordinary Time 26)

All are welcome in this place: anyone who is not against us is for us. All may gather here to worship God our Saviour.

30Sep The Passion of a Priest

Paddy O'Kane offers a personal reflection on his ministry of being priest to people who are hurting.

30Sep 30 September. 26th Sunday

1st Reading: Numbers (11:25-29)

Moses shares the leadership with others who share in his prophetic gift

Then the Lord came down in the cloud and spoke to him, and took some of the spirit that was on him and put … Read the rest

29Sep Call for Action by Christians in Response to the Housing Crisis

Peter McVerry SJ draws our attention to a document from the Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice about the homeless/housing crisis which Ireland finds itself in.
"there is no version of holiness that satisfies itself with doctrinal rigour, or liturgical purity, but does not act for the sake of the marginalised:"

29Sep We need to re-understand ‘Sin’ – not bin it

Sean O’Conaill invites us to look again at our understanding of sin and our need for transformation as expressed in the liturgy of the eucharist.

29Sep 29 September. Archangels Michael, Gabriel & Raphael

Some of the angels have distinctive names to denote their special service to mankind.. Michael means “Who is like God?” Gabriel is “The Strength of God;” and Raphael is “God’s Remedy. Perhaps today we might each honour our Guardian Angel.

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28Sep 28 September. Friday, Week 25

Friday, Week 25

27Sep 27 September. Thursday, Week 25

Thursday, Week 25

26Sep 26 September. Wednesday, Week 25

Wednesday, Week 25

25Sep 25 September. Tuesday, Week 25

Tuesday, Week 25