02Sep Two Healing Circles arranged.


The Circle is for Priests and will be facilitated by Barbara Walsh. The number will be restricted to 14. The session will be for 2 hours but can be extended by the group if extra time is needed.

EAST:​​Date:  Wednesday 5th September 2018

​​Time: 2.00pm

Venue: St James Parish Centre, James’s Street, Dublin 8.

The centre is beside the Parochial Hall between Guinness and the hospital on James Street.

It is close to Heuston Station on the Luas Red Line (James Stop). Also Bus numbers 13; 40; 123.

Cost: €20 per person

Contact: Fr John Collins at 01-4531143, roseoyews9@gmail.com

​​or Fr Tim Hazelwood 087-1337164, thazelwood25@gmail.com


WEST: Date: Wednesday 12th September 2018

​​Time: 2.00pm

Venue: Cúram Family Centre, Clare Street, Claremorris, Co Mayo.

This is in the grounds of the parish church in the town centre.

Cost: €20 per person

Contact: Fr James Ronayne 095-21251, clifdenparish@eircom.net

or Fr Tim Hazelwood 087-1337164, thazelwood25@gmail.com


Speaking at the ACP AGM 2016 Marie Keenan said: “The body keeps the score.” In an extensive address (available on the ACP website, posted 17 Nov 2016) dealing with the negativity many clerics have experienced over the past twenty years, Marie stated: “Maybe it is time for collective grieving for clergy…. for the Church they once knew, for the priesthood they originally entered, for the congregations they once served, for the relations with bishops and superiors they once lived…. so that they can emerge refreshed, renewed and invigorated, with increased depth of wisdom and gratitude that we know come in the wake of our grieving and the letting go and letting in… And it is never too late. Something to think about ….. Maybe a project of Healing Circles round the country for clergy could be next on the agenda of ACP?…I urge you to consider a nationwide campaign of healing circles involving clergy – and later involving laity, victims and offenders. I urge you to reinstate forgiveness and redemption as being of God and something which we might all work to with courage. And most of all I urge you to take care of yourself in this time of uncertainty and challenge.”

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