26Oct Leaders of 34 Women’s Orders Call for Admission of Women to all Church Offices

The editor of praytellblog.com carries an item taken and translated from  Kirche Leben Netz  about the call by the superiors of 34 Women’s Orders Call for Admission of Women to All Church Offices.

As Kirche Leben Netz reports, the superiors of 34 women’s orders in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Luxembourg are calling for the admission of women to all church ministries and offices.

This declaration was made by the German-speaking members of the worldwide UISG – Internationale Vereinigung der Generaloberinnen / International Union of Superiors General – on Wednesday in Innsbruck.

The sisters call for a new “culture of dialogue, of participation, and of gender equality.” Increasing the proportion of qualified women would contribute to diversity and enrichment at all levels, they say. They note that religious communities could offer examples of “how men and women have worked and do work in brotherly and sisterly collaboration as a rich blessing for people.”

The UISG consists of 2,000 representatives of apostolic women’s communities worldwide with more than 900,000 members. It was at their initiative in 2016 that Pope Francis established a commission on women deacons.



2 Responses

  1. Phil Greene


    An excellent Article by Aidan Hart (plus comments) on the ACI site, religious and lay seem to be moving beyond the idea of Deacons in their present guise, the question being will the institution?
    ..and now the possibility of women in all Church offices.. men – let’s see you sending in messages of support from every diocese in Ireland and beyond.

  2. John D Kirwin

    Alleluia Alleluia- the women religious are light years ahead of us. I have been banned from speaking about women’s ordination in church! So this is not church!

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