17Nov 17 November. Saturday, Week 32

Saturday, Week 32

16Nov 16 November. Friday, Week 32

Friday, Week 32

15Nov 15 November. Thursday, Week 32

Thursday, Week 32

14Nov ACP Letter to Irish Bishops

The ACP has written to the Irish bishops and calls for a National Assembly to discuss 'The Reform and Renewal of the Catholic Church in Ireland'.
It also calls for a ‘constructive’ engagement with the bishops that would also be realistic, ongoing, coherent in terms of time-scale and commitment, and above all that it would engage with key critical issues.

14Nov 14 November. Wednesday, Week 32

Wednesday, Week 32

13Nov A New Consciousness

Tony Flannery gives a brief report of his recent trip to the U.S.A. "While the U.S. Church is deeply divided, there are some real signs of light."

13Nov 13 November. Tuesday, Week 32

Tuesday, Week 32

12Nov ‘If we only have love…….’ 

Seamus Ahearne writes in this November of death; war, accident, murder; "the news is rotten with criminality; with stabbings; with shootings; with gangland outrages..........I think the culture of faith has to be rediscovered......However, every day is a privileged day. Every day is full of life, despite the dying. Every day is full of surprises. Every day throws around those ‘rumours of angels.’"

12Nov 12 November. Monday, Week 32

Monday, Week 32

11Nov Presider’s Page for 11 November (Ordinary Time 32)

Gathering together in the Lord’s house, we bring simple gifts into God’s presence - our love, our care for each other, our worshipping hearts and voices. We ask for the grace to continue to show love through the coming week.

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