14Dec Trying to Make Sense of Current Affairs

A conclave for Brexit:

We live in extraordinary times.
Michael Heseltine or Hilary Benn (On Wednesday, as the Tories voted on Theresa May) suggested that the members of the Commons (Westminster) should be locked in (like a papal election) until they sorted out Brexit.  Their frustration could be linked back to John Major of years ago.  He was totally exasperated with some members of his cabinet. He resorted to a line from the film Professionals 1966.  He didn’t question their parentage but noted that they were all self-made ones!  The problems continued.  David Cameron thought he had a solution.  Theresa May knows that he didn’t. Europe knows it too well.  Our own Government knows it too.  It has been astonishing that Tusk, Barnier and Juncker have managed to hold the 27 together.  When will sense prevail?

The Tories:

The Tories are forever divided on Europe. Labour aren’t much better. The DUP simply say NO as always. Sinn Fein hide away and avoid the bother.  It is very strange that the colonial past, has come back, to haunt and bite the UK.  Ireland won’t go away. The artificial Union which includes N Ireland, proves to be the most awkward rump of the UK.  Poor Theresa May is trying hard. That backstop won’t evaporate. Few want to face the troublesome reality of life. The papal election scenario may be the only way out.


We were talking at table some days ago about the derivation of the word Tories. Apparently it comes from the Irish word ‘toraidhe’ which means outlaw or robber (I am told!).  There are other meanings certainly but that one is rather apt at present. The word ‘loose cannon’ is applicable to many of the players. There are marauding Tories who should create a new Party where they could live in their arrogant past and play at being monarchs of all they survey.


Schadenfreude comes to mind at the confusion and craziness of UK politics at present. Is there a certain pleasure or satisfaction arising in us at their troubles/failures and the sheer stupidity and even humiliation of the UK carry-on? We really cannot dare enjoy it all too much, given that our own country will suffer most, if the whole process collapses into a No Deal Brexit. The law of unintended consequences does apply indeed.
I wonder are there any political saviours emerging that may bring hope to this mad crazy world?  The chaos of the world presented to us in the stories of Advent may also prompt us to believe that hope and good sense can prevail.
The God of life may still speak.

Seamus Ahearne osa

2 Responses

  1. Chris McDonnell

    Beckett summed up our present European impasse.
    “Ever tried, ever failed, never mind, try again, fail better”
    As to the idea that the House be sealed as in a Conclave till a solution is found, that is a non-starter for there is no stove to signal success through the burning of Order Papers.

  2. Frances Burke

    The Pope tells child abusers that they must hand themselves in to civil authorities. Is this a request or an order?

    It will be interesting to see how Fr Timone reacts to this development. He has being able to retain his position of power and prestige within the Church because of a ‘bureaucratic technicality’.