31Jan 31 January. Thursday of Week 3

What applies to our ordinary conversations applies even more .. There is always more to the word of the Lord than first meets the ear.

1st Reading, Hebrews 10:19-25

We enter the Holy of Holies by the new and living path Jesus has opened for us

30Jan 30 January. Wednesday of Week 3

Wednesday of Week 3

29Jan 29 January. Tuesday of Week 3

Tuesday of Week 3

28Jan ACP Regional Meetings

The ACP is following up issues raised at the recent AGM on the care and wellbeing of priests with a series of Regional Meetings.
A series of public meetings on church reform issues is planned for later in the year.

28Jan 28 January. Monday of Week 3

Monday of Week 3

27Jan Presider’s Page for 27 January (Ordinary Time 3)

The Word of God is the focus this Sunday, read by Ezra the priest in the Old Testament reading, and by Jesus in the Gospel. By his Word, God reassures the people of his closeness, especially in the Word made flesh, Jesus of Nazereth.

27Jan 27 January. 3rd Sunday (C)

3rd Sunday (C)

26Jan 26 January. Saints Timothy and Titus, bishops

Saints Timothy and Titus

25Jan 25 January. The conversion of Saint Paul

The conversion of Saint Paul

24Jan 24 January. Thursday of Week 2

Thursday of Week 2