10Jan Lay catholics should nominate new bishops

PRESS RELEASE                                                       10 January 2019

WAC call for Irish Lay Catholics to nominate new Bishops

Pope Francis has stressed the urgent need for the laity to be involved in decision making in our church.

One third of the Irish Catholic Church’s 26 dioceses at Episcopal level in Ireland are due to be filled in the coming months.

However this opportunity for the church in Ireland to lay new foundations will be squandered unless the people of God are involved in the selection of these future Bishops who will determine the future direction of the church.

Irish Catholics should contact the Papal Nuncio Archbishop Jude Thaddeus Okolo nuncioirl@eircom.net suggesting the necessary criteria for the selection of our future leaders and on these bases nominating suitable charismatic and prophetic leaders.   If you copy your suggestions to WAC Ireland info@wearechurchireland.ie we will publish any suggestions on our website.

Colm Holmes, We are Church spokesperson.

3 Responses

  1. Soline Humbert

    Not much of a future in an exclusively male celibate clerical leadership ….

  2. Frances Burke

    Soline @1

    I totally agree with you.

    ‘However, in one important area nothing significant has changed, and that is in church teachings relating to female sacramental, sexual and reproductive embodiment and the role and representation of women in the Church. Catholic teaching remains rooted in the belief that men have God-given authority to exercise control over women’s bodies, including the exclusion of the female body from the sacramental capacity to represent Christ. An exclusively male hierarchy continues to promote its teachings on sexuality, abortion and family life without any public engagement with women. Francis seeks a church whose guiding model is that of dialogue, but we have yet to see any meaningful dialogue between the Catholic hierarchy and women.’


  3. Frances Burke

    The video included within this article is shocking viewing. “Catholic men, truly Catholic men” take off for places like Latin America and the Philippines, “where you can find, fairly easily, wonderful women who are — pardon the expression — submissive in a healthy sense, and that just love being women and just love being mothers and love being spouses. Not that they’re unintelligent or unattractive or even have a good education. But they recognize that as women they have gifts that men don’t have, above all that possibility of conceiving and nurturing children that is the most important function in any family.”

    You see, he explains, in those regions of the world, while feminism has made “inroads,” it is nothing like it is here in the United States. So that’s why these truly Catholic men who “cannot find a good Catholic American woman who they would feel comfortable with” go searching for properly submissive women elsewhere. While those same men may not have looked hard enough around the home turf, often American women they find attractive are interested in careers, he asserts, not staying home and raising children.


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