21Feb 21 February. Thursday of Week 6

Thursday of Week 6

20Feb 20 February. Wednesday of Week 6

Wednesday of Week 6

19Feb Fine words and dramatic gestures are not enough!

An edited version of this article by Peter Stanford about the bishops' meeting in Rome to discuss clerical sexual abuse appeared recently in The Observer.
"It is an appalling moral failure and needs to end now, but that will involve rethinking an entire approach to sexuality in Catholicism that is peculiar, punitive and often plain perverse. The Jesus of the gospels had almost no interest is such matters. Why does the Church leadership? "

19Feb 19 February. Tuesday of Week 6

Tuesday of Week 6

18Feb 18 February. Monday of Week 6

Monday of Week 6

17Feb Presider’s Page for 17 February (Ordinary Time 6)

Happy are they who their trust in the Lord: worry will not come their way, their lives will bear fruit. The prophet Jeremiah’s words are reflected in the Psalm, as we are invited to trust in the One who never disappoints.

17Feb 17 February. 6th Sunday (C)

Jeremiah tells us whom we can really trust. Even leaders can lead us astray. Our primary trust is in the Lord, who guides our lives.

1st Reading: Jeremiah 17:5-8

Trust in human resources is like a withering shrub in the

16Feb A prayer on the occasion of the Vatican Summit on abuse in the church

Gerry Heffernan of St Joseph’s and St Anthony’s Parish, Brisbane shares a prayer with us on the occasion of the Vatican Summit dealing with the issue of abuse in the church.

16Feb 16 February. Saturday of Week 5

Saturday of Week 5

15Feb Sexuality – a church’s need to learn as well as teach

Brendan Hoban in his Western People column takes a look at a new proposed programme on Sex Education in schools, at what could be the next debate / battle "between civil and religious contexts' where "distrust and accusation are the order of the day."....
"The hope would be that ... we’ve learned a bit from our mistakes: that we don’t know it all; that we can learn from those we may disagree with; ... and especially that, given all that has happened in recent decades, we’re not in the best place to pontificate on matters sexual. In other words, that we can learn as well as teach."

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