04Mar Absolutely nothing but the truth will set us free

Brendan Hoban writes in the Western People in the wake of the recent Rome meeting on ‘The Protection of Minors in the Church’

"No one, reading what Francis has said, could find any kind of doublethink, evasion or prevarication. Or indeed any room for equivocation. He clearly means what he says and there’s a real sense that he is now giving the abuse of children (and how the Church has dealt with it in the past) his full and undivided attention. And, by announcing his ‘defrocking’ of former cardinal, a few days before the Rome conference he’s sent a clear signal of his intent."

04Mar Monday of Week 8

04 March: Monday of Week 8

*The Lord can call us beyond where we are, to grow in our relationship with him, to be more generous in our response to his presence.

1st Reading: Sirach 17:24-29

Repent from sin while you still can. The dead cannot praise God

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