15Apr Notre Dame de Paris – Notre-Dame refleurira!

Our prayers and sympathies go to the Catholic community of Paris and to all French people following the devasting fire at Notre Dame Cathedral.

Updated - Notre-Dame refleurira!

15Apr The Obstacle to rooting out Clericalism – the clergy

Clericalism is a world wide problem in the church. But, are (we) priests in utter denial?
The Jesuit Institute of South Africa have published a challenging article on their website.
"There are, it seems, a growing number of us priests who would be better off heading-up dictatorial fiefdoms...... Priests have, for many people, become the weekly cross they bear."

15Apr “He descended into Hell”

Joe O Leary writes on Holy Week.
"At the heart of our faith lies the death of Christ, which is not a mere sudden event of long ago but a vast space that contains all human experience of suffering and death, guilt and despair. Descending into that chasm in meditation, we find that it is a gracious place, throbbing with the promise of resurrection."

15Apr Monday in Holy Week

The iconic, worshipful gesture done for Jesus by Mary of Bethany deserves more prominence in our liturgy..

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