30Apr How Women Founded Christianity

Please book your free ticket for Mary T. Malone on 13 May 2019 via Eventbrite:  https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/mary-t-malone-how-women-founded-christianity-and-may-revive-it-today-tickets-61030346409

3 Responses

  1. Rev. Harry Behan

    Could you advise me how to get a copy/recording of Mary T. Malone.s presentation and interactional questions and answers afterwards? Please also let me know the cost. I sent 15 copies of her book ‘The elephant in the Church to friends as an Easter gift and the were very pleased with her book.
    Harry Behan

  2. Colm Holmes

    Dear Harry,

    That was a wonderful Easter gift you sent to your friends!

    We plan to make a video of Mary T. Malone’s talk on 13 May 2019 and Q & A as well if possible.
    We will publish the video’s on our YouTube channel with links to our website and Facebook pages. The videos will be freely available to all at no charge.

    Best wishes,

    Colm Holmes
    Spokesperson WAC Ireland

  3. Mary O'Connor

    Thanks Colm,
    We have so little on You Tube from the Irish Church

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