23Apr Easter Tuesday

It is notable how the Easter stories convey the gradual recognition of Jesus, after his resurrection...

22Apr How did you get over the Easter?

The immediate aftermath of an event, while memory is fresh, is usually the best time to review how well, or poorly, the event succeeded in achieving what it set out to do?
Brendan Hoban, in his Western People column, raises some pertinent questions parishes could ask of themselves about their celebration of Easter.

22Apr 1998 Missal – Easter Season, Prayers of Mass

Download 1998 Missal Easter Season – Opening Prayer, Prayer over Gifts, Final Prayer


22Apr Easter Monday

The act of divine power that raised Jesus from the dead was already predicted in an inspired psalm of David, a thousand years before...

21Apr “you do not lose your dignity”

Crux Now carries a story about a group of eight celebrities as they traveled a section of the Via Francigena, the ancient pilgrimage route from Canterbury to Rome as part of the BBC2 show Pilgrimage.

21Apr Presider’s Page for 21 April (Easter Sunday)

This Easter morning we celebrate the central mystery of our faith, the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. He suffered on the cross and died for us, but now he is risen! Filled with the spirit of Easter joy, we proclaim the might and glory of God.

21Apr 21 April 2019. Easter Sunday.

On Easter morning, the stone was rolled back from the mouth of the tomb. Is my heart be ike a tomb awaiting resurrection? Can I identify any "gravestone" that is holding me back

20Apr Presider’s Page for 20 April (The Easter Vigil)

We gather around the Easter candle, celebrating the Lord’s resurrection. With that light to illumine our way, we remember how God has cared for humanity from the dawn of time. The readings from both testaments remind us what happened at the highpoints of our history.

20Apr Holy Saturday

I will bring you to the heights of heaven. With my own right hand I will raise you up, and I will show you the eternal Father...

19Apr Water, the gift of life – An Easter Reflection

Chris McDonnell writing in the Catholic Times reflects on these days of commemoration.

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