31May Per Tutti – For All

The editor of praytell blog writes about the forthcoming publication of the new Italian Missal.
"In September, 2017 Pope Francis issued Magnum principium, which called for translations which are both faithful to Latin and respectful of the characteristics of the receptor language......
More significantly, Pope Francis restored authority over translations to bishops’ conferences, as the Second Vatican Council had decreed, and rolled back the creeping centralism of previous decades at odds with the Council’s decisions."

It seems the Italian bishops have taken their responsibility to heart and acted accordingly. We struggle on .....

31May 31 May, 2019. The Visitation of the BVM

While Mary's divine motherhood is unique, we all may imitate her faith, love and trust. These virtues define her spirit, which we especially honour today...

30May 30 May, 2019. Thursday, 6th Week of Easter

After Paul left Athens, with its sophisticated audience, he proceeded to the seaport of Corinth, notorious for its riotous atmosphere..

30May A Grumpy Eye on the World

Seamus Ahearne casts his eye over recent happenings and imagines how the late Grumpy Cat might view matters. But despite his grumpy outlook there is always redemption. "Have a real sense of history and never make this moment and how I feel, too important. Celebrate the Liturgy of life without the pompous solemnity which kills the very soul of faith. Faith and God has to be celebrated with imagination and creativity. No stodginess. No boredom. No head only nonsense. The heart and body and the very soul has to be stirred. Explore beauty. Forget all the nonsense of passing fashion and fads. Don’t get stuck in mud of negativity"

29May 29 May, 2019. Wednessday, 6th Week of Easter

At the Areopagus in the heart of Athens, Paul recognized the exquisite beauty of its Greek temples and marble artworks...

28May 28 May, 2019. Tuesday, 6th Week of Easter

A Happy Outcome. We can sympathize with Paul's indignation at being wrongly thrown in prison in Philippi, but..

27May 27 May, 2019. Monday, 6th Week of Easter

Paul fell in love with the church he founded in Philippi. His later epistle to them is among the warmest of his writings. He wrote...

26May 26 May, 2019. 6th Sunday of Easter

God will always keep his pledge. It is up to us to keep ours. When we come to the end of life's pilgrimage and make our last goodbye, it will be literally Adieu, "going to God."

25May Presider’s Page for 26 May (Sixth Sunday of Easter)

The Ascension of Jesus will be celebrated next Sunday. As the Easter Season moves towards its second climax at Pentecost, we take heed of the Lord’s final words to his disciples, and look forward to the coming of the Holy Spirit to the Church.

25May 25 May, 2019. Saturday, 5th Week of Easter

It may seem inconsistent to us that Paul had Timothy circumcised because of the Jews of that region, so soon after the Jerusalem Council had decreed...