09May The Dawn Chorus

Seamus Ahearne casts his eyes about on recent happenings.
"May all of us catch the light and begin our song.    May the chorus of life – dawn on us daily.  Let’s sing our song."

09May ‘You are the light of the world” – norms for the universal church dealing with abuse and the cover up of abuse

Pope Francis has issued new norms for the universal church outlining how allegations of abuse have to be dealt with.
It has received extensive coverage in Vatican News.

Michael Sean Winters also writes in the National Catholic Reporter of the latest directive of Pope Francis that "establishes new laws for the universal church regarding both the scourge of abuse and the equally abhorrent covering up of such abuse."
"If you are ordained, or belong to a religious order, you are now a mandatory reporter of abuse. You can't ignore it."

09May 09 May, 2019. Thursday, 3rd Week of Easter

Like the Ethiopian we must be "God-fearers," seeking to know what God is saying and doing in our lives. Like this pilgrim, we ...