10Jun The mis-use of the retired bishop of Rome, Benedict

Brendan Hoban writing in the Western People highlights how some people opposed to the reforms of Pope Francis are misusing the retired Benedict in an attempt to further their cause. "At first it was mainly a few cardinals and higher churchmen whom Francis had removed from their positions (mainly those who opposed his Vatican reforms); then it was others who imagined they warranted promotion but their prospects in the new dispensation were no longer promising; and there was the hard-right of Catholicism who imagine that anyone who disagrees with them (even a Pope) is wrong."

10Jun Peter’s Wife

Brian Eyre considers the recent comments of Cardinal Kasper about married priests in the light of his own life experiences and in the light of the fact that St Peter was a married man.

We welcome Brian home to Ireland and Tralee after many years in Brazil.

10Jun 10 June 2019. Mary, Mother of the Church

A too masculine Church can become "a church of old bachelors, incapable of love, incapable of fruitfulness." (pope Francis)

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