23Jun 23 June 2019. The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi)

Jesus took two basics of life, Bread and Wine, and promised that whenever they gathered to share them with a prayer, he would be with them. ..

22Jun 22 June 2019. Saturday of Week 11

What was this intriguing "thorn." Was it an ugly appearance, a recurrent sickness, failing eyesight, a tendency to intemperately blunt speech?...

21Jun How much corruption can we tolerate in the church before we leave?

This article was recently published on-line on the NCR website in the US. It is a response by Don Cozzens to a piece by James Carroll in the Atlantic journal. Our thanks to Don Cozzens for forwarding it to us.

"Carroll has named for me what continues to unsettle my soul — the superior status and lofty identity the church claims for its priests, cultivated and sustained by clerical celibacy and the withholding of meaningful leadership roles from the laity, especially women."

21Jun 21 June 2019. Friday of Week 11

We need to see Paul's boasting in context. He was trying to answer wounding criticisms made about him in Corinth...

20Jun 20 June 2019. Thursday of Week 11

Paul's words had a sobering effect on his readers and brought at least some of them back to their first loyalty...

19Jun Out of the Depths, I Cry to You, O Lord (psalm 129)

Seamus Ahearne says of “Dancing to my death” by Daniel O’ Leary that "His honesty;  taunts, teases and torments us.   The final canvas from this artist, is a challenge to all of us in every aspect of ministry."
..... "remind us of the delicacy and gentleness that is needed, as we meet with sickness, dying, funerals, bereavement and absences.   We have to be ever so careful with our Rituals and with our Religious demands."

19Jun 19 June 2019. Wednesday of Week 11

Ideally, we should practice generosity because it's right, rather than merely in order to be loved or praised, or remembered by posterity....

18Jun 18 June 2019. Tuesday of Week 11

The normal human tendency is to limit our goodwill to those who show us warmth and affection...

17Jun 17 June 2019. Monday of Week 11

It is the hardest challenge to remain good in the face of evil, to remain loving in the face of hostility, to be peacemakers in a hostile world...

16Jun Presider’s Page for 16 June (Trinity Sunday)

Today is Trinity Sunday. We worship God who creates, redeems and sanctifies: three persons, one God.