07Jul A cry from the depths

Chris McDonnell writes in the Catholic Times about the urgency of the cry from the depths about the future of our church.
"Current critics have rocked the complacency of many priests and laity who simply prefer not to think of failure within the church. They still occupy a Church of peace and tranquillity that is the stuff of false memory. That is why the urgency to change is not recognized. The first stimulus  to begin reform is a recognition that current circumstances cry out with the urgency of a wounded child."

07Jul Presider’s Page for 7 July (Ordinary Time 14)

We gather for Mass to praise God’s faithfulness, and to ask for grace in the work we’re called to do.

07Jul 07 July. 14th Sunday (C)

Our discipleship can be summed up in two phrases: "Come and see" and "Go and tell"...