05Aug The Problems with Celibacy

Fr Peter Daly wrote recently in the National Catholic Reporter about problems he sees that arise as a result of the church's position on mandatory celibacy for priests of the Latin Rite.

"Celibacy is not essential to Catholic priesthood. It is only mandated in two of the 24 "autonomous churches" in communion with Rome; the Latin Rite and the Ethiopian Rite..... At least seven popes were married.....There was even a father and son pope combination, Pope Hormisdas (514-523) who was father to Pope Silverius, (536-537).....Today we have many married priests in the Roman (Latin) Rite who have come to us from the Anglican or Lutheran traditions. ..... If they can be married, why not others?
The practice and teaching of the church on priestly celibacy has been inconsistent and incoherent. But, most important of all, Jesus did not mandate celibacy." 

05Aug 05 August, 2019. Monday of Week 18

At the sight of a large hungry crowd, Jesus responds in a very different way to his followers. They wanted him to send the crowd away. He wanted them to try to feed the crowd. Even though they protested that...