29Aug ‘Climate Change and Biodiversity: Impossible Challenge for the Modern World?’

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  1. Lloyd Allan MacPherson

    Wish I were in your midst to attend such a lovely function but an agent from the OECD just listened to a podcast I was featured on with an up-and-coming political hopeful in my local region on Cape Breton Island.

    It would appear that an economic blueprint that both sequesters carbon and replaces the poisonous plastics would be beneficial at a time like this; plastics we’ve allowed to enter our livelihoods and lives. An initiative like this one would perhaps need a public funding piece to help it along in stages on a local level but that was crafted at the request of Sean O’Conaill in 2015. The congregant funding piece for “Parish Solar” still exists and it appears as though my local bishop might see it beneficial to attempt a “test location”. I was thinking “test location” too – Ireland to be exact.

    Alas, placing urgency on a transition is perhaps outside of this generations’ “to do” lists. I can’t make any further requests from the people of Ireland. I’m sure if there are those out there listening, you must admit, pretty much every urgent request I’ve made of the Church has resulted in a change since 2012. This next request I’ll make of my own people, where I’m an environmental activist…hopefully this goes well.