24Aug 24 August, 2019. St Bartholomew, apostle

Bartholemew/Nathanael's honesty can inspire us on this his feast day. But it is Jesus, not Nathanael, who has the final word in today's gospel. It takes the form of that wonderful promise...

23Aug 23 August, 2019. Friday of Week 20

Jesus powerfully brings together these two commandments from different parts of the Bible, and declares that the way to show our love for God passes through other people...

22Aug Another Beginning?

Brendan Hoban in the current edition of Studies gives an honest assessment of the current state of the Church in Ireland and says "that ongoing change is now a permanent reality for the Catholic Church". Brendan also posits a possible way forward based on the reality of the situation but reminds us that by rejecting the reality of change we are "by extension, rejecting the possibility of reshaping a different church."
Our thanks to the Editor of Studies, Bruce Bradley SJ, for permission to publish this article on our website.

22Aug 22 August, 2019. The Queenship of Mary

Our Church has a long tradition of honouring Mary in parallel to Jesus. As early as the fourth century Saint Ephrem used the term "Queen" in praise of Mary, and pope Pius XII established this feast at the close of the Marian Year 1955..

21Aug 21 August, 2019. Wednesday of Week 20

When speaking in parables, Jesus used the language and imagery of his own time and place. Therefore, when he uses the parable of the vineyard workers it is irrelevant to discuss the social justice (or injustice) of the estate-owner...

20Aug 20 August, 2019. Tuesday of Week 20

We may sometimes seem to face impossible odds. We wonder how we will get through some health crisis, or a family loss or a marriage breakdown, or a severe bout of depression. In such circumstances, it's good to know that, "for God everything is possible."

19Aug 19 August. Monday of Week 20

1st Reading: Judges 2:11-19

The era of the Judges alternates between falling away and being restored

Then Israelites did what was evil in the sight of the Lord and worshipped the Baals; and they abandoned the Lord, the God of …

18Aug Presider’s Page for 18 August (Ordinary Time 20)

Following Jesus may not bring us happiness in this life, but we are challenged to follow him nevertheless. We come together to worship our gracious God and to ask for help in our Christian life this week.

18Aug 18 August, 2019. 20th Sunday (C)

The moral courage to speak out against abuse seems in short supply. It always feels safer to keep our heads down and just go with the herd; but this is not the way to which Christ calls us....

17Aug 17 August, 2019. Saturday of Week 19

There was tension between those who wanted Jesus to bless their children and those who felt that children were a noisy distraction, who should be seen and not heard. When they blocked the parents from bringing their children to him, Jesus was not a merely impartial spectator. ..

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